Bempah’s death prophecy about 100-year-old Chief Imam illogical; dismiss it – Hamid

General News of Friday, 4 January 2019



Dr Mustapha Abdul Hamid, Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development

The Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development, Dr Mustapha Abdul Hamid has urged Muslim youth to disregard Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah, founder of the Glorious Word and Power Ministry International church, death prophecies about the National Chief Imam.

Muslim youth are up in arms against Bempah for prophesying that the National Chief Imam will die this year.

A group of Zongo community youth unleashed an attack on the Odorkor Busia branch of Rev Owusu Bempah’s church on Wednesday, 2 January 2018 and demanded an apology from the man of God for his pronouncements.

Commenting on the fall out from Bempah’s death prophecies, Dr Mustapha Abdul Hamid said the prophecy that has angered his Muslim fellows especially the Zongo youth has no substance and should be dismissed.

For him, it makes no sense to prophesy death about an hundred year old against the backdrop that death was largely inevitable for every human being.

“…Really and truly death is a natural phenomenon that we shall all encounter. So when somebody says that I’ll it is not as if the fellow has said something extraordinary because it is a fact of life. I don’t really consider those ones as a prophecies in the real sense of the word and especially so, if you prophesy that a hundred year old man like the National Chief Imam is going to die, really as far as i’m concern, I’ll dismiss it and say that is no prophecy at all. And so therefore, i think that the Zongo youth should dismiss it also and then exercise restraint and put their faith in the sixth article of the Islamic tradition that says that we should believe in destiny and believe that whatever that happens it’s the doing of the Almighty Allah and not of humans.” he said in an interview with Accra-based Joy FM.

Meanwhile, the office of the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Nuhu Sharabutu, has appealed to all Muslims in Ghana to desist from any engagements and act that will tarnish the hard earned image and reputation of his eminence(National Chief Imam) particularly on peace and tolerance following Owusu Bempah’s prophesies.

“It’s the wish of his eminence that all the adherence of the Islamic faith remain restrained and tolerant and shun away from every form of chaotic act as the Islamic tenets does not condone intolerance.”

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