Think twice before lighting that big firecracker on New Year’s Eve

KwaZulu-Natal health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo has urged the public to think twice before setting off fireworks – which often cause serious injuries – to usher in the New Year.

“Usually at this time of the year, we see many people on hospital benches with serious injuries sustained during the setting off of fireworks,” said Dhlomo.

“We see people with injured fingers that may need to be amputated; eye and facial injuries; and other bodily wounds. The common denominator is always that they all regret setting off fireworks.

“These fireworks have also been known to cause unexpected fires, which can result in someone’s house getting burnt to the ground. It is better not to have fireworks or leave them to those who know how to use them. Also, the trauma and suffering that fireworks cause to animals is well-documented.”

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