Here’s what we don’t want to see in 2019

Social media has created an excuse that allows us to say things we would not normally say and bully people under the banner of “it’s just my opinion”. What we disregard is the impact that these “just opinions” have on the receiving end.

We are a lot braver and more courageous behind our phone screens and desktops, which can be a good thing because we have seen many people use social media as a platform to open up and speak out about things that affect them, such as depression and abuse. 

Social media platforms are powerful tools and we often underestimate the impact they have on our everyday lives. 

In the digital world one shares opinions with a greater pool than you would face to face. Social media has exposed the bigotry that we can sweep under the carpet in our one-on-one interactions. 

Homophobia, sexism, racism, Islamophobia, transphobia and xenophobia among others are revealed in 240 characters. For some reason the tolerance for others is far less when we’re typing on our devices, expecting we would never physically have to confront one another.  

People have the tendency to think our online lives are not representations of our “real” lives. However our digital presence reveals aspects of our character.

Your thoughts and opinions are still yours, whether you write them on a notepad, verbalise them or tweet them. If your mantra is “I post what I like” you also have to be willing to bear the consequences that come with it. 

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