‘Court official’ caught abusing dogs during December heatwave

However, the officers were not intimidated and called a colleague, Warrant Officer Kobus Venter, to the scene.

The dogs were uncovered and given water.

Venter, who works closely with the NSPCA to curb dog-fighting syndicates in the city, said it was 31ºC. The dogs were panting heavily and had no strength to do anything but lay down and try to cool off.

The man was charged with negligence in accordance with the animal protection act.

An inspector from the Roodepoort SPCA removed the animals from the owner.

Venter said they suspected the dogs had been used for hunting because their condition was not suitable for racing.

He said the man had travelled with the dogs from Krugersdorp to Springs and back, and claimed he was going to the Springs SPCA to “deworm” the dogs.

“That really got my suspicions up. Why travel so far on a public holiday when you know the SPCA will be closed? He really just wanted to act like he was caring for the dogs. 

“The man was like a cat on a hot tin roof when we questioned him about his being a court prosecutor. He was very evasive when we asked him which court. We are making inquiries into his alleged position with the courts.”

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