Kra Integrated Solutions hosts maiden challenged expedition 2018

General News of Thursday, 27 December 2018

Source: Kwamena Aduonin Kakraba


Some participants of the maiden challenged expedition 2018

Kra Integrated Solutions (Krinsol Ecotours) the Social Enterprise (SE), on December 15th, 2018, organized a pre-Christmas charity and philanthropic event for Persons with Special Needs/Disabilities, Reduced Mobility or Physically Challenged.

The event dubbed the “Challenged Expedition” was under the organization’s “Humanity Alive and Social Fiesta” Initiative.

Thirty (30) Persons with Special Needs/Disabilities, Reduced Mobility or Physically Challenged were taken on an educational, leisure, recreation, outdoor, sightseeing, excursion, social, intercultural, entertainment, sports, active and healthy living and lifestyles field trip to the Kakum National Conservation Park and Cape Coast Castle with all expenses paid for by Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours).

The beneficiaries were selected from the Greater Accra Region and Kasoa Township and its catchment areas within the Ewutu Senya East Municipal Authority in the Central Region of Ghana. The selection or invitation was conducted through the Ghana Federation for the Disabled (GFD) and other relevant stakeholders.

The General Manager of Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours), Mr Michael Wonder Adzigbey stated that, the “Humanity Alive and Social Fiesta” initiative is a philanthropic and charitable social inclusion, diversity management, interpersonal, cultural and community engagement initiative under the organization’s people, community centred and inspired “Neighborhoods Empowerment and Sustainable Transformation (NEST)” project.

He explained that the “Humanity Alive and Social Fiesta” initiative aims at periodically organizing and offering charitable and philanthropic events, programs and activities for grassroots, poor, needy, vulnerable, underprivileged, marginalized, minority and deprived people, groups and communities. Direct beneficiaries of such events, activities and programs are Children, Youth, Seniors (Elderly), and in particular, Persons with Special Needs/Disabilities, Reduced Mobility or Physically Challenged.

According to the organization, the “Challenge Expedition” will serve as a formidable platform to promote, support and strengthen public relations, storytelling, education, information dissemination, awareness creation and sensitization to illuminate and highlight the non-existence of accessibility and/or tremendous challenges, difficulties and barriers Persons with Special Needs/Disabilities, Reduced Mobility or Physically Challenged face daily in accessing public and private spaces, amenities and facilities including tourist sites and attractions.

The management of Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours) indicated that, ultimately, the event is part of the organization’s comprehensive strategies and efforts to help leverage, generate, activate and/or crystallize international, national, public, corporate, private sector, policy and decision makers and influencers’ conscience, attention and actions for policies formulation paradigm shift towards authorities, decision-makers or influencers assuming greater political and corporate capacity, mastery, passions and commitments to addressing the tremendous public and private spaces, amenities and facilities particularly, tourists sites and attractions accessibility challenges, difficulties and/or barriers Persons with Special Needs/Disabilities, Reduced Mobility or Physically Challenged encounter in their daily lives or activities, and as well as other critical pervasive and emerging social, cultural, economic and developmental concerns of these target groups.

Dr. Daniel Ato Aidoo, lead consultant for the “Challenged Expedition”, said the conceptualization, development and introduction of the “Humanity Alive and Social Fiesta” initiative through the “Neighborhoods Empowerment and Sustainable Transformation (NEST)” project are for the development of humanity.

Dr Aidoo said the analysis and implementation guidelines done for Kra Integrated Solutions was to develop a program in line with the organization’s beliefs and convictions in a cherished age-old Ghanaian charitable, philanthropic, social, cultural, humanitarian and economic development perspective, goodwill, generosity and benevolence practices, that mimics community sharing and inter-dependency.

The next event will take place on September 27th, 2019, which will be part of activities to celebrate the International World Tourism Day.

In addition to monetary or cash donations in support of the event, the organization will also accept and appreciate donations of crutches, wheelchairs, white canes, other walking aids, clothing, footwear, computers, phones, books, backpacks and other basic necessities of life for distribution to the stated target groups.

Any philanthropic, charitable, impact investing or making, social, humanitarian, public good or spirited corporate, public, civil and private sector institutions, organizations, companies, ministries, departments, agencies, professionals, groups, clubs, networks and individuals interested in granting a donation can contact Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours) by telephone (+233 547766961 / +233264475836 / +233556500680 / +13016751358), or email ([email protected]) for their bank details or personal collection of your donation. On the other hand, people who wish to donate items can arrange for pickups.

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