Can we be in a relationship & get married?- Inside Pulane’s DMs

Pulane Lenkoe’s DMs have no doubt been popping ever since she burst into the spotlight with that leaked nudes scandal in 2015 but a post by the socialite this week showed just how much of a wild west her inbox is.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday Pulane shared a series of messages, including one from a man trying to take his shot.

The man started off his message with a healthy dose of flattery, calling Pulane a “glamorous queen”.

He then went on to apologise for invading her space and then listed all the qualities that he saw in her.

“I saw you’re a good woman with personality, humanity, humble, kind, loving, caring, respectful, loyal, passionate and beautiful.”

Dude then went in for the kill with a brave proposal.

“I am kindly asking if we can be in a relationship and get married.”

He suggested that if she was cool with it, she should send her number and they can talk about the strategy to make it public.

It is not known if Pulane accepted it but judging by the “Lol! Yah,neh” caption, we don’t think so.

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