An invisible butler that opens your car doors


JLR is using a Range Rover Sport to test out the new door concept                                    

 Triple amputee Mark Ormrod is offering customer feedback to the concept development     

The pursuit by car manufacturers to find even more ways to make life easier for drivers has seen Jaguar Land Rover develop a car door that opens automatically as the driver approaches, or can be operated by gesture control.

The mobility door prototype’s viability is being assessed on a Range Rover Sport. Much like modern day tech found in some cars also on sale in SA, it’s linked to current keyless entry technology that is able to detect the driver as they approach a vehicle from a set range and readies the doors for automatic unlocking.

JLR’s idea is to take this feature to a new level where the door will now automatically open, much like an unseen valet obliging. Once inside, an overhead button is pushed to close the door while integrated software in the infotainment system will display the status of each door and allow for operation from within the cabin.

The door can also be programmed to close and lock behind you as you walk away.Aside from the cool factor envisaged, JLR says the technology could be of good use in making entry and egress into vehicles much easier for physically challenged people. The carrying of child seats or larger items could also be made easier by this new type of door.

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