MOG brings Junction Mall to a standstill

On December 23rd, 2018 the Junction Mall was brought to a standstill as it hosted one of it’s greatest musical concerts in history dubbed “CHRISTMAS WITH MOG”.

Held at the car park of the mall, the performances featured many gospel artists with an assortment of unique musical combos. This was a perfect opportunity to experience such a wide variety of gospel music, from worship to praise to gospel rap to gospel raggae etcetera which for the very first outdoor event of MOGMUSIC was perfecto.

The crowd went wild when it was announced that MOG himself was coming on stage, the excitement could be heard all over the Nungua township. As usual, he did not disappoint his fans and audience as most people were found kneeling down, others were in tears with their hands lifted up during the time of worship. When it got to the jamming session it was something else. It was as if everyone present was all of a sudden baptized with the spirit of dancing.

The reigning song on the Better Me Album “Be Lifted” which has over ONE MILLION views on Youtube as usual, lifted up the spirit of the audience to another level. A lot of people were heard asking if this song was indeed written and sang by MOG who is a Ghanaian. This song has travelled far and wide by the Grace of God and is being sang by great men of God such as Apostle General Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah of RCI Worldwide, Bishop John Francis of Ruach City Church in the UK, Apostle General Jannie Ngwale of CTCM in South Africa, Rev. Emmanuel Agormedda of RCI Maryland Mission in the USA, and other great men and women of God all over the world.

Other renowned gospel artists such as Cece Twum, Cwesi Oteng, Akesse Brempong, Kingzkid and of course the international dance group Worship in Motion also wowed the audience with their various ministrations and performances.

It wasn’t just the ministrations, however, that made this concert a success. It was the euphoria, the ambiance, the atmosphere and of course the thousands of people that gathered for the concert.

The beautiful décor coupled with the lighting added to the experience. The place was packed to capacity, the feel of the atmosphere remained ecstatic and exciting. In short it was lit.

There was serious traffic as thousands of people from all walks of life struggled to be at the mall to join MOG at his concert. People had to park their cars miles away and walk to the event due to the heavy traffic and lack of space. Shoppers literally abandoned their shopping and joined the concert with their families.

One of the great things about this concert was the fact that all the excitement was about Jesus. The team indeed reached out not just to the youth but adults, teens and as well. The mission statement of MOGMUSIC was truly achieved.

In all it was a successful concert that brought massive crowd to the junction mall to lift the name of the Lord high.

Source: | Ghana

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