Christmas at home as teacher jailed in China lands in SA

Niemand ditched her luggage and ran into her mother’s arms.

After hugs, kisses and tears from friends and family, she collected her luggage.

Later, Niemand said she suspected something was not right when an official from the school where she was teaching told her not to answer the door should police come knocking.

“I heard about the teaching opportunity through a friend who is also in China. The school organised the visa,” she said.

She and other foreigners were arrested in a police raid.

“When the police knocked on my door I did not open for about 30 minutes. Eventually I let them in. They asked for my cellphone, laptop and passport.

“They took us to the police station and we were interrogated for five hours.

“Two days later they took us to a place with high walls. They took all my valuables, my shoe laces and buttons.

“When I walked into the place I realised I was in prison.

“They made us sign papers and said we would be there for a month. I asked if I could call my parents, but they refused.”

She described the experience as a nightmare.

“It was terrible. They shouted at us in Chinese and expected us to follow instructions, but we did not understand what they were saying.”

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