Haters, keep your jealousy, I’ll keep my philanthropy – Malcolm X on giving back

Malcolm said he was made aware of her plight on social media and then hit back at those who had accused him of just jumping on the hype train for exposure.

“Were it not for her pics and videos on social media, we wouldn’t have known about Nosipho’s tough life that entails sleeping in a mud house that gets flooded during rainy season. Haters, keep your jealousy and let me keep my philanthropy.”

Malcolm recently paid Nosipho and her family a visit with the mayor, regional ANC chairperson, and local political leaders of Mpophomeni, Howick in KZN.

Malcolm pledged R10,000 to help her with his supporters offering funds and skills development to help her finish school and possibly study further.

He also wanted to build her a new home but said he would join the efforts of others in that regard.

“Despite my wish to build a house for Nosipho’s family, it’s going to be a collective effort as there are people who have already bought building material and are on the verge of building. I’m going to be part of the collective,” he added.

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