Are you using apartheid legislation and killers to defend your criminal case? Maimane asks Zuma on Twitter

“These may be very painful decisions and we may be feeling very hurt, perhaps as I do,” said Zuma.

He then went on to say that the state paid the legal costs of “apartheid killers”, some of whom “killed my comrades”.

“But the very same state is saying me, one among those who have fought for this very democratic state, I must pay for myself,” he said.

But many people quickly pointed out to him that the court’s decision may not be as unfair as he makes it seem.

Economic Freedom Fighters secretary-general Godrich Gardee tweeted: “But @PresJGZuma The Executive of the State @CyrilRamaphosa agreed to pay for you & the judiciary stopped him alleging that your conduct was not in furtherance of state policy but self seeking & private benefit as against apartheid then was state policy enforced by its officers.”

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