8 times racists were exposed in SA this year

Even though apartheid ended decades ago, racism still rears its ugly head in SA.

Here are eight incidents from 2018 that show SA is not always the rainbow nation we strive for.

1. Adam Catzavelos

While on holiday in Greece, Catzavelos filmed himself saying “Not one k****r in sight. It’s f*****g heaven on earth. You cannot beat this!”

The video was leaked after Catzavelos sent it to a WhatsApp group and friends.

It led to outrage across SA.

The family business – St George’s Fine Foods – lost major customers, the Smokehouse and Grill restaurant – which had Catzavelos as a shareholder – was forced to close, Nike – which employs Catzavelos’s wife – had to temporarily shut down stores, and his parents and siblings had to go into hiding after receiving death threats.

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