How not to drive! Five shock videos that show crazy road antics

Despite all these efforts, reckless drivers continue to cause death and injury to others. If you’re looking for a lesson on how NOT to drive, take a look at these five videos from 2018.

1. Taxi driver vs biker standoff

In October a video went viral showing a biker standing his ground against a reckless taxi driver. To avoid heavy traffic, the taxi driver risked the lives of his passengers by driving on the wrong side of the road, into oncoming vehicles.

The defiant taxi driver and the biker get into an altercation, with the biker demanding that the taxi driver turn and drive in the right direction.

The video was taken using a camera mounted on the biker’s helmet, and was later used by police to identify the offending driver and arrest him. He was found guilty of reckless driving and paid a R6,000 fine.

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