Miguel Louw’s alleged killer ‘taunts’ prosecutor with ‘catch me if you can’ attitude

Mohammed Ebrahim — accused of the abduction and murder of nine-year-old Miguel Louw — is highly intelligent, devious and brazen.

That is how state prosecutor Kuveshnie Pillay described the the 43-year-old butcher in her closing submissions in his protracted bid for bail in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

“He can be best described as devious and divisive. He is highly intelligent and has presence of mind when answering questions,” she said.

Pillay’s impressions come after Ebrahim testified this week, proffering his own account of the last moments Miguel Louw was seen alive.

Louw disappeared after he was seen with Ebrahim and nearly two months after he vanished, his body was discovered in a thicket near Longbury Drive in Phoenix, less than 100m from Ebrahim’s family home.

Pillay said Ebrahim had been “economical” with what he disclosed in court.

“The state submits, with respect, the accused displays the attitude which is quite brazen and defensive in court as best being described as colloquially taunting the state by saying catch me if you can,” she said.

The prosecutor had fired a barrage of questions at Ebrahim with his answers, she said, tailored to provide as little information as possible.

His evasive conduct had also been raised by magistrate Sifiso Luthuli, who evoked the blockbuster film Catch me if you can in looking at the strength of his evidence.

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