Herbal practitioner urges Ministry of Health to invest in organic products

General News of Thursday, 20 December 2018

Source: Healthy Soul Enterprise


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Chief Executive Officer of Healthy soul enterprise & Organic foods Ghana, Asonaba Owusu Aduomi have advised the Ministry of Health to heavily invest in organic / herbal products to help cure chronic diseases in Ghana.

Speaking to the Press in Koforidua, He underscored the importance of why the Ministry of health should prioritize the use of Herbal / organic products over orthodox medicine “chemical drugs” due to its detrimental effects.

He emphasized that “all orthodox medicines are generated from herbs therefore why don’t we as a country invest in herbs and natural food supplement instead of consistently paying huge sums of money for the importation of orthodox medicines which rather aggravate our sickness or leave us with numerous side effects, whereas the those monies can be invested into the herbal industry to enable them perform more research and also increase their production since organic product has little or no side effects and are less expensive too”.

He encouraged Ghanaians to patronize the use of herbs / organic products especially products manufactured by the Healthy soul enterprise because it’s full of healthy organic supplement and also urged Ghanaians to abandon the use of orthodox medicine. To buttress his statement he noted that herbs / organic products have always been known to permanently cure chronic diseases yet orthodox products falls short in that perspective which is very disturbing.

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