Court orders police to stop promotions of former MK vets

She said while the police had argued that Solidarity was acting out of self-interest and not in the public interest, “the NSF project is a project of national importance”.

“It is in the public interest that the policy and plan implemented to serve the interests of members of the SAPS, and specifically the interests of those who contribute to bring about democracy and change in this country, adhere to the constitutional values … and is beyond reproach.”

Solidarity spokesman Francois Redelinghuys said the order was welcomed.

“Until the review application on the legality of the SAPS re-ranking project is heard in January, no NSF member may be promoted.

“We believe the re-ranking process is unconstitutional and decreases the chances of other SAPS members, who have years of loyal service and who qualify for promotions, from being promoted. The NSF re-ranking process will make these other members’ promotions a lot more difficult.”

This is a developing story.

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