Boity steals the spotlight at the #SAHHA2018

Boity’s first rap song earned her a nod at the South African Hip Hop Awards, which left a lot of people a bit sour, the presenter-turned-rapper took the opportunity to prove that she’s not a one hit wonder on the 2018 SAHHA stage with a new song.

Boity performed one of her never-heard-before songs for the crowd at Gold Reef City, where this year’s awards were held on Wednesday night.

It looked like the crowd was vibing with her new song and she seemed to be enjoying being on stage. The song had lyrics that had tweeps paying attention.

“Mirror mirror on the wall ha ba hlaloganye ka’ ipona.  Look at my man he’s foreign,” raps Boity.

In her chorus, Boity says “They thought they threatened me, now let’s see where they at?”

Ha re ba bone ba kae?

Check out the snippet of her performance below.

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