Sanef charges Malema, EFF with hate speech and intimidation of journalists

The decision not to meet Sanef came as a surprise as EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi reportedly confirmed on radio and national television that the party was prepared to meet Sanef.

Malema had tweeted that he was prepared to meet on condition that Sanef did not bring what he described as a “racist white young boy called Adriaan Basson”, said Sanef.

Basson is the treasurer of the forum and would have been a part of the delegation to meet the EFF.

 Sanef said it had approached the court under the banner of defending media freedom and seeking protection of journalists against intimidation and threats against journalists by the party’s leaders and supporters.  

 “Women journalists in particular have borne the brunt of an avalanche of insults levelled against them, particularly on social media.  The journalists who have reported critically on the EFF have been called ‘whores’, ‘witches’, ‘bitches’ and ‘c***s’, and calls have been made for them to be raped and attacked by staunch EFF supporters,” said Sanef.

 Sanef asked the court to interdict Malema and the EFF from:

  • Intimidating, harassing, threatening or assaulting any journalist;
  • Publishing personal information about any journalist;
  • Expressly or tacitly endorsing the intimidation and harassment of journalists by supporters or followers on social media or on public platforms;
  • Expressly or tacitly endorsing the publication of personal information by supporters or followers on public platforms or on social media.

The forum said that calls for the killing of certain journalists had been made by EFF supporters. “The EFF leadership’s silence on this barrage of hatred has been deafening,” said Sanef.

While the complaint has been lodged, the forum said it was also demanding an apology from Malema. 

“We are also asking for an apology from Mr Malema and the EFF to the individual journalists who have been targeted as well as to journalists in general, coupled with a recognition of the constitutionally protected role played by journalists in our society,” said Sanef. 

Initial attempts to contact EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi were unsuccessful on Wednesday.

This is a developing story.

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