Nelson Mandela worked to ‘solve SA’s problems’, Jacob Zuma says

Before delivering the lecture, Msholozi, as he is popularly known, burst out in his characteristic booming laugh after his supporters had welcomed him with the popular song “uMsholozi lo abazange bambone” (which translates to, “This is Msholozi, they have never seen him”).

Zuma told his eager audience that there were many blessings and lessons from Madiba, for ordinary people as well as the ANC’s leadership.

“Such was a life and such were times of Madiba that it is impossible to tell it all in just one occasion. You can talk one aspect of Madiba and speak a long time,” he said.

He said attempts were made every day to use Mandela in many ways, including by speakers and writers who used his name to bolster their agendas.

“The most popular things they say about Madiba, more is to focus on elements of his rich character associated with the role of Mandela in the area of negotiations; that he was a good negotiator, a peacemaker and a reconciler.”

Zuma said those who were opposed to Mandela’s ideals and beliefs had labelled him a terrorist.

“They even called him terrorist number one. And also because they hated communists, they named him a communist with horns and a monster. This is how they described Madiba for a long time.”

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