‘I’m thrilled!’ Lasizwe on first ever MTV South African reality show

A little over two years ago, Lasizwe was not a blip on anybody’s radar, but after a mad hustle to make himself relevant, the vlogger has now bagged a reality show and he told TshisaLIVE all about it.

He said his show, @Lasizwe: Fake It till You Make It, would be different

“I am thrilled, like super excited. I’m still jumping up and down just thinking about it. I’m glad that people are going to experience the real me. As opposed to the characters I became famous for or the impersonations. This time people will see the real me – the brother, the son, the family guy and the uncle.”

The entertainer, who diversified his offering from just parody videos to presenting, announced on Tuesday that he was the first ever South African personality to get a reality TV show on MTV.

“I think my show is going to be different because it’s not meant to be glamorous. It’s going to be real, fun and like just low in comparison to others we’ve seen. I can’t wait for people to watch it because I know they’re going to be eager for the next and the next episode.”

Lasizwe said the reality show was a dream come true and a story of his journey, where he’s faking it until he makes it.

“To you reading this! It is possible! It is possible! Right Now I am the first person to have a local reality show on MTV! We are international…” he tweeted.

@Lasizwe: Fake It till You Make It is set to premiere on  January 21 2019.

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