Sale of old SA flag causes stir on social media

Tony-Lee Field wrote: “Surely this piece of rubbish is not worth R1,000?  Justifying this barbaric behaviour, perhaps you have something better to do with your time. If he needs money to feed his family for Christmas I’m sure there are other ways of going about it. I would have been happy to start up a drive for him and find a way to make sure he has a plate of food to eat but you and I both know this was for attention. A day after reconciliation day, coincidence? Nah man.”

“You enjoy a time where there were no equal rights for people of colour better than our democracy? Good one,” said Meaghan Essel.

“Not worth 0.0000001cent. The misery caused to the many and to those who miss their privileged life because of all the money that bunch stole, not to mention how far behind we are because of their stupidity,” said Hilary Albutt.

Jax Marie said: “When white people are so far gone they don’t see how a flag that represents literal crimes against humanity isn’t just a flag. I’m so done with my mense, I don’t claim them any more. The tannies and Ooms here must go quietly be racist somewhere isolated. May I suggest Orania?”

Hendrick Fourie and many other Facebook users on the page, however, defended the old flag.

Fourie said: “One Love Brother You wanna tell me you didn’t have some kind of a better life under that flag than we all having under the current flag Think about it”.

“Yip way better life underneath that flag,” said Chris Thompson.

“Many blacks wish for those years back, they had better lives than they do now,” said Peter Clifton–Smith.

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