Lawyer on abalone poaching charges after syndicate heads pay R5m

According to the prosecution, the alleged syndicate was started by Norman and Bannister and “Broadway also became part of the management of the enterprise” in 2009.

“Norman is the leading figure in a criminal enterprise involved in the illegal poaching of, purchasing, processing and selling of abalone,” the court papers read.

“He supplied large amounts of money that was used by various poaching/diving groups, and to rent/purchase properties, pay salaries to persons renting premises used for the processing and drying of abalone.

“Michael Norman, together with David Bannister and Anthony Broadway, during 2009 and 2010, established and created two [trusts], namely Immigrants Trust and Fishermans Assistance Trust. Substantial amounts of … money were deposited into the respective trusts’ bank accounts, whereupon immovable and movable property was purchased. The state will allege that these deposits were proceeds of crime.”

The prosecution argues that Broadway was aware that the alleged members of the syndicate “did not have any legitimate income to justify the amounts of money”.

Judge Mushtak Parker sentenced Norman to an 18-year prison term which was wholly suspended for five years. He sentenced Bannister to 14 years, wholly suspended for five years.

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