IN MEMES | Prince’s cry for Bheki was a heartbreaking sight!

The death of Bheki has left the Khoza family heartbroken and angry at the world. They are ready to avenge him with war but, for Prince, he’s lost the love of his life and watching him mourn was an emotional experience for tweeps.

Prince and Bheki’s blossoming love was cut shot after Bheki lost a battle in the hospital after he caught in the cross fire of the Diamond hunt. His death has not only fuelled up malume Brutus’ anger (and drinking) but it has the whole family ready to risk it all to kill Diamond, all except Prince.

Even though Prince isn’t related to the Khozas by blood, he was the one who was hurt the most, as Bheki was his first love interest.

Seeing him cry his heart out had tweeps asking the scriptwriters if they are punishing the lovable character. It was a heartbreaking sight.

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