Hilarious chat between a Twitter user and her mum

A chat between a Twitter user and her mum has gone viral on the platform and it was all centered on a new haircut she got and photos she took.

From the tweet she made, the Twitter user’s mum who got a new haircut which she wanted to show her husband, told her daughter to take photos of her and send to her Dad.

However the funny chat between the Twitter user and her mum ensued after she edited the photos she took and sent to her dad.

@msjaneada wrote;

You guys so you know how I told you guys my Mom cut her hair and I told her not to touch it that I would fix it up for her??? so I did(it’s hella cute) and she asked me to take pics cuz she hasn’t told my Dad yet and she wanted it to look good. Lmaaooouguyssss

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