You can’t govern through subterfuge, propaganda – Mahama tells Akufo-Addo

General News of Monday, 17 December 2018

Source: Ekow Cobbinah


John Dramani Mahama, former President of Ghana

Former president, John Dramani Mahama says subterfuge and propaganda can be used to acquire political power but same cannot be used to govern.

Referring to the NDC’s heaviest defeat in 2016, Mr Mahama said the NPP used subterfuge and propaganda to win the elections.

Mr Mahama, who is seeking the mandate of party kinsmen to stage a comeback on the ballot paper in 2020, made this known to his former appointees in a meeting in Accra.

He explained that “It is clear now to most Ghanaians that the NPP acquired power through subterfuge and propaganda”.

“As I said on a campaign trail, you can acquire power using subterfuge and propaganda but you cannot govern a country using subterfuge and propaganda”. He added.

That he alleged, was clearly the difficulty the NPP was facing in terms of governance and asserted that reality had dawn on the government.

“How else could promises of One District One Factory metamorphose into labelling factories that existed already for which you have given a small grant” he asked.

The NDC, Mr Mahama said gave the pharmaceutical sector GHC50,000000.00 loan to expand so that they could export products outside the country.

“We did not place government signposts in front of all the pharmaceutical factories we gave those loans to and said that we were responsible for them because they existed already”. He stressed.

According to the former president, reality, has however, exposed the Nana Addo administration which is almost two years in power.

“Today, Ghanaians are united in their calls to the NDC to come back and deliver them from the unprecedented hardships that they are going through”. Mr Mahama said.

Former president, John Dramani Mahama is arguably the most popular candidate among all the contestants who are hoping to lead the NDC in 2020.

He, will today, file his filled out nomination forms at the party headquarters, Accra.

Ahead of the filing of the forms, he has held meetings with party delegates across all the ten regions.

Last week, he took his engagement to parliament where he met with minority MPs from his party.

He has subsequently held meetings with former appointees including ambassadors and high commissioners and former MPs of the NDC.

His campaign spokesperson, Mr James AgyenimBoateng told this reporter that the meetings with the former appointees witnessed massive turnouts.

“To Mr Mahama, meeting the former appointees and explaining his vision was a sign of respect and it was very impressive”. He said.

He added, “the attendance was amassing even at short notice. They have promised to campaign for him”.

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