She became my reason to live after I lost my husband

Simz Ngema’s heartfelt posts about her family will give you the feels. 

The actress released a collage of pictures of how each of her family members have touched her life in some way

Simz opened up about how her niece Khumo who was born two days before Dumi’s death “saved” her. 

“Meet my big sister. Her name is Baxolile. My parents lost their first born at birth and when they were pregnant with my big sister they were scared that they would lose her too. She brought peace to their lives. When Baxolile was 5months pregnant with Khumo, she was hit by a car trying to help her friends who were in an accident, God saved her life and that baby girl’s life she is now holding in her arms.

“Khumo was born 2 days before my husband passed away and she became my reason to live after I lost my husband, she taught me how to love again. She became my reason to keep pushing. #eternalcrush @lile4khumo.” 

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