Bonang & Nandi Madida shocked by viral ‘criminal’ funeral footage

The video was shared by DJ Franky and was soon filled with reaction from the likes of Bonang, DJ Speedsta, Tol Ass Mo, Morena “Morena the Squire” Sefatsa and Nandi Madida.

Bonang was the first to share her shock over the events, simply commenting with: “I have so many questions”.

While Morena could only muster a “what’s going on?”.  In shock, Nandi lambasted those who had participated in the chaos.

“I’m struggling to find this funny. I think it’s because it’s my hometown. Gunshots, car accidents, etc. Not trying to kill the joke but South Africa needs to address reckless behaviour and moral fibre. It is the reason crime is so high in our country.”

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