‘I’m gonna shut you up for good‚’ Kevin Lerena tells Thomas Oosthuizen

So clearly the man to face Lerena early next year is Oosthuizen. Fortunately their careers are guided by promoter Rodney Berman.

“From my side you got the fight‚” said Lerena. “I’m a man of my word. I made a promise to this guy [Oosthuizen] that I’ll give him that money shot that he needs in June 2019.

“I’ll have my comeback fight in March then I will fight this fool in June‚ so from my side it’s on. It will be the highest-earning fight between two South Africans for the IBO world title.”

Lerena predicted victory against Oosthuzien but just could not say in which round – a skill that made Muhammad “Louisville Lip” Ali the first boxing Nostradamus.

Ali could correctly predict the round of victory – there was a run of seven times out of eight where he got it right. And when‚ in February 1962‚ he stopped Don Warner in four rather than the five forecast‚ he claimed he had finished the fight early because Warner had not shaken hands.

Ali gave fans of the sweet science what they dearly paid to see. What set him apart from the rest was his ability to adjust to win a particular fight through hard work in the gym.

He brought fire to his craft‚ a burning desire to win at all cost‚ mental and physical presence inside the ring. Accuracy – and most important a big mouth.

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