Not all Uber riders will be refunded for concert price surges

Uber SA said only those who called cabs from 11pm would be refunded for the price surges at the Global Citizen Festival.

The company admitted to turning on dynamic pricing for trips from the Global Citizen Festival at FNB Stadium on Sunday night, despite pledging to organisers that prices would not be peaked. 

Users on Twitter reported having to pay high prices after leaving the stadium. Uber said that it would be refunded for the Sunday surges, but only those who called a taxi after 11pm.

“Uber will be fulfilling their promise of standard Uber rates and will be fully refunding all riders for all trips starting at the FNB Stadium who were affected by the dynamic pricing after 11pm,” said Uber SA spokesperson Samantha Fuller.

“Credit-card holders would be reimbursed and cash payers’ accounts would be credited,” she said. 

Those using Uber in other areas in Johannesburg that were affected by the price increases because of the festival, will not be eligible for a refund.

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