Musa Mseleku spills the team on his ‘beef’ with some Zulu radio stations

Reality TV star and polygamist Musa Mseleku has responded to criticism of his latest single, amidst claims he has a vendetta against some Zulu radio stations.

In his song, Izibongo Zika Musa Mseleku, Musa claims that some Zulu radio stations have been biased against him and his lifestyle.

Musa explained to TshisaLIVE that the lyrics came from his frustration at not getting support from these stations in his hometown.

“People have asked me about this and I just want to explain. There’s a part in the song that reflects on the fact that we have never been interviewed by a popular Zulu-language radio station since we came into the spotlight. People have asked us why that is, so I decided to include that question in the song.”

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