Breakdowns, not a coal shortage, is reason for load-shedding: Eskom

“She [Ott] needs to tell us who these people are that she is referring to. We need to know whether these are registered Eskom suppliers, if they are registered Eskom suppliers surely then they should have a service level agreement with Eskom,” he added.

He said some of the mines, unable to sell coal to markets overseas, possibly wanted to sell it to Eskom at higher prices.

Eskom signed 27 contracts since beginning of 2018 to get coal to their power stations.

“You cannot just buy coal from people who say they have coal. Coal has to meet a certain level of specification that Eskom wants,” he said.

Phasiwe said the power utility was not prepared to buy coal from mines selling it at overseas market prices.

Rotational load-shedding is done to protect the power system from a total collapse – when demand outstrips supply.

Phasiwe said maintenance teams were working hard to bring the units back to service.

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