Twitter has a whale of a time after Peta culls ‘racist’ animal sayings

It seems the good people at Peta are either pulling the wool over our eyes or just having slow days at the office in the run-up to the holidays. Perhaps the person in charge of their social media feed has flown over the cuckoo’s nest.

Animals don’t read English and so have no idea of the terrible hatred that it is encouraging: the rise of two-bird, one-stone killer gangs in Europe, increased incidents of innocent bull-horn grabbing in India and incessant flogging of dead horses in the Gobi desert. Our animal friends are unaware of these problems but thank goodness for their friends at Peta, who are feeding their fed horse in the name of false equality and seem unable to grasp the idea of a figure of speech.

As far as Twitter is concerned,  it’s lambs to the slaughter, bulls in china shops, cats getting the cream and dogs eating dogs and thank you, Peta, for a whale of a time.

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