Twitter divided over Mboweni’s support for his ‘homeboy’ Malema

Mboweni, in his tweet, took a swipe at those who published Malema’s personal details, saying the act deserved to be condemned.

His post has sparked a heated debate, with people divided on whether he should be making such remarks as a minister.

Twitter user Palesa Morudu criticised Mboweni for not calling Malema out for attacking journalists and the media at the Zondo commission of inquiry on state capture. “I wish you had said the same when Malema singled out journalists and commentators for attack outside the Zondo commission. I will wait for your adjectives on Twitter or the radio,” she told the minister.

Maurice Dlamini also took a swipe at Mboweni’s tweet, saying: “What’s good for the goose must be good for the gander. Didn’t your homeboy do the same to Pravin? Tomorrow he will turn on you. That’s how he operates. We are not fools. Big up to the investigative journos they must keep digging. We want the truth.”

“No wonder Julius is so full of himself! He has the full support of the finance minister,” wrote another user, Regina Veronica.

Sanef treasurer Adriaan Basson responded to Mboweni’s tweet by telling him that the forum condemned the publication of Malema’s personal details, before adding: “We would also appreciate your condemnation of the abuse of journalists on this platform.”

Malema also responded to Mboweni’s post, telling him that his children were safe. “Thank you governor, the kids are safe,” he said.

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