Bheki Cele on Global concert fiasco

Cele admitted that there was inadequate planning for the event.

“We could have not planned that people could assemble 3km away from the stadium [The assembly point was only a kilometre away]. Some of these things are giving us new lessons. The issue of Sasol is giving us new lessons,” he said.

“At no stage will we sit here and say it was not the responsibility of the police to make sure people are safe,” he said.

Police were criticised for allegedly turning victims away at various police stations when they went to make complaints.

Cele urged victims to open cases “wherever you want to open the case” and police need to transfer the case to the right station.

People claimed on social media that they were told by police officers that the Sasol garage was not in their jurisdiction.

“That can’t be so,” said Cele. “The South African Police Service are responsible for every inch of SA. There is no inch in the country that police can say they are not responsible for.”

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