Bheki refused R9,700 & tweeps can’t believe it!

Brutus’ son Bheki came to visit his father at the wrong time and he tried to “bribe” him with almost R10k just so he could leave. Twitter can’t figure out if it is genuine love or stupidity that made Bheki say no to the moola! 

For R9,700 we would be out of that house so quickly. Like fam, we wouldn’t even bother you until next year March at least.

But Bheki, the son of one of the most corrupt uncles on TV, was too honest to take his father’s money.

Some tweeps saw Brutus’ R9,700 bribe as a way to get rid of his son, while others saw a father concerned about his son’s safety.

No matter what you see, there’s no denying that that a R9,700 bribe would have sponsored our Dezemba plans!

Tweeps expressed their shock in memes.

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