There’s not greater feeling than being a dad

He may be one of the most famous sports presenters in Mzansi, having covered some of the biggest events in the world, but Robert Marawa says nothing compares to the joys of being a dad.

Robert told Move Magazine recently that while his private life may make headlines, he just wants to focus on his son Awande.

He recounted how he attended Awande’s grade one year-end presentation and how his heart melted as his son’s face lit up when he saw him from the stage.

“Just to see that, I smiled. The innocence that was there, tjo! There’s no greater joy.”

Robert said that his relationship with his son was like finally having a brother.

“I just want him to be the best that he can be in whatever he chooses to focus on in life. Right now, it is about giving him opportunities. It’s about being involved in different facets of life, sport or extra murals and then somehow he’ll find his niche. He’ll find what he likes to do,” he added.

Robert and his baby mama Zoe Mthiyane made headlines a few years ago after the pair got embroiled in a rather public war of words. Zoe publicly bashed Robert in an open letter posted on social media. 

Robert told Move that he was ready to put it all behind him.

The pair united for Awande’s birthday party shortly after the court battles begun, showing their commitment to co-parenting.

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