Judgment reserved in Mashaba’s defamation case against Tau

Dali Mpofu, who represented Mashaba, told the court that these utterances were “completely falsehood”.

He asked that the court grant an interim relief order. Mpofu said there were limits to ridicule that public officials might endure.

He told the court if there were elections “tomorrow” and these utterances were repeated, it would diminish Mashaba’s chances.

Mpofu argued that Tau would not suffer should he be asked to retract his utterances. “There is no inconvenience whatsoever suffered.”

He told the court that should Tau decline to do so, Mashaba would be viewed in a negative light, especially by women and black people. He said Mashaba might even be called a traitor.

“His right to hold office would be threatened should Mashaba be labelled a racist or sexist or whatever.”

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