Did I hear ‘suck my balls’? Nope, that ad just has a lot of ‘bam sima bamwa’

The ARB said: “These explanations are somewhat tongue in cheek, but do contain clear denials that the lyrics of the song are ‘suck my balls’. It is difficult for the ARB to dismiss these denials.”

It added: “That said, the ARB notes that the defence that the lyrics are nonsense syllables would not in itself be a complete defence in all circumstances. If the lyrics clearly sounded like ‘suck my balls’ and the flighting was inappropriate in that context, the fact that the lyrics are nonsense syllables that just happened to clearly sound like ‘suck my balls’ would not necessarily be a defence.”

The ARB said it is possible to hear “suck my balls”, “especially if one is expecting it, but various members of the ARB heard different things”.

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