Controversy as new owner of ‘Bobolebobo’ song pops up

Controversy has suddenly heralded the ownership of the now popular song ‘bobolebobo’ after the NDC and former President John used the chorus of the song at their just ended congress.

One Pastor Isaac Sie claims the song is originally his brainchild and not that of Evangelist IK Aning as it has come to be known.

“The song is mine, it has been mine for many years. In fact I have had an encounter with the evangelist and he told me that I can’t do anything to him because I don’t have anybody to help me, but I have the document to show anyone who will be willing to help me.

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“He said it in presence of my lawyer; he didn’t know he was a lawyer. I am the originator so any compensation they want to give, they should give it to me,” he said.

However responding to the allegation, Evangelist Aning dismissed the charges, noting he has enough people to back his claim of ownership to the song.

He also confirmed the NDC has contacted him for compensation for the use of the song after he called them out in the media.

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“I have many songs since 2006 that has the word bobolebobo in them so you can simply go back and listen to some of the songs I have made, it runs through so everyone who knows my music knows it is for me. The word simply means fire and trumpet as people assume”.

“And yes, the NDC people have contacted me so we are talking”.

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