Solo reflects on paying lobola for Dineo Moeketsi

Everyone knows that Solo and Dineo Moeketsi are fiercely protective of their personal life. So, when we get a glimpse into their romance we lap it up. 

Earlier this week Solo reflected on sending a delegation of his family members to negotiate lobola for Dineo. 

It was an important milestone in his life as a man and a step further in their forever fairytale. 

“This time last year, I had sent a delegation to negotiate amalobola. I had also gone through an initiation. I rounded off the year, focussing on my family and tradition. At 30 years old, my priorities are different.

“My understanding of identity is different. It’s everything to me. Everything connects in my life. My art, my spirituality and my family. Let no man attempt to dismantle what I am building. Laba abahamba nami bakhulu!!” 

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