‘Rape is never the victim’s fault. Clothing is not consent.’

The group of protesters, most of whom wore shorts and T-shirts, stood at the corner of Francis Baard and Sophie de Bruyn streets in Pretoria on Friday, holding up placards.

“Cheryl Zondi”, “Khwezi”, “Rape is never the victim’s fault”, “Men and boys; what is wrong with us?” said some of the placards.

“We are here to make a statement, to say that clothing is not consent and that rape is never the victim’s fault,” said Patel.

“We feel activism against gender-based violence should not be 16 days but should be 365 days because rape and gender-based violence don’t happen at a certain time in the year,” she said.

“We need to come together to fight this cancer in our society. We need to unite as men and women. We need men to go out and speak out in their male circles against rape,” she said.

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