Internet Solution’s SAT brings exciting satellite broadband services to Ghanaians

Business News of Friday, 30 November 2018



play videoYvette Adounvo Atekpe, Regional Managing Director for Internet Solutions

Private users, businesses and the public sector will now have access to uninterrupted, reliable and high quality speed internet services with the introduction of Internet Solution’s new IS SAT service.

The product which is a combination of Konnect Africa’s state-of-the-art satellite infrastructure and IS’s expertise in service delivery offers for the Ghanaian community, outstanding broadband connectivity, high-quality speed and uninterrupted internet accessibility at very affordable prices.

Speaking at the launch of the service, Regional Managing Director for Internet Solutions, Yvette Adounvo Atekpe assured that the service will reach the unreached and improve the lives of Ghanaians to a large extent.

“This is an additional service which will enable us reach the unreached. Reach everyone across the country at very affordable prices and with extremely reliable service”.

“The prices we put up, we are looking at about 200 Ghana cedis for a month on a 10 MB service. It’s affordable, we also have packages which people can opt for so the barriers to entry have been broken, now, connectivity is available in every nook and cranny in the country for everyone.

Miss Atekpe vouched for its consistency, maintaining that the move will differentiate them from other existing service providers in the industry.

“In terms of reliability, we are very reliable, we have tested on a number of sites with a number of our clients and the through-puts is fantastic. We are looking at a 100 MB download speeds which is amazing and this is all on VSAT KA Band”.

“It distinguishes us because we are providing full services to reach the market. Our aim is to make the world better. Our aim is to make the world work better, that the internet reaches everyone, that we use the internet to make our lives work better”

“If we have the opportunity now to reach everyone wherever they may be at the best prices and give them quality service, we are definitely distinguishing ourselves from the rest of the market”, she stated.

Massive opportunities

Director Commercial at Konnect Africa on his part, lauded the initiative. He was optimistic about the huge prospects the service will provide for customers.

“The opportunity is very massive, now with a download videos through satellite, you will be able to interact with your friends, you will be able to send secure data. Iit means that the world is yours and again what is important, for everyone so people who are not even able to offer having a monthly plan, we are offering pre-paid services, offering Konnect Wi-Fi solution, connectivity for people who cannot afford a dollar per a day, this is something very new. We are offering connectivity to everyone, no matter what, if you want a lot of data or you just want to surf. It’s something really new in Ghana and we are very proud of this”, he stated.

Wholsesale Executive, Murry Steyn also expressed optimism about the technology. For him, it’s an exciting opportunity for Ghana and will open up internet connectivity.

“It’s exciting for Ghana. We’ve seen the technology work in South Africa, it’s opened up internet connectivity which at the end of the day is a basic human right, most South Africans have had access to the internet at cheaper price points and we’ve seen the technology work there which is critical and that’s why we believe that the work in Ghana too. It’s got footprints over the whole country, so you are getting it in places that have never had it before at price points that have never been achieved before, and that is really exciting for Ghana”.

The IS SAT service was launched Thursday November 29, 2018 at the Kempinsky Hotel in Accra.

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