Cape Town jumps for joy as water restrictions curb and prices plummet

Xanthea Limberg, the mayoral committee member for water, said the council saw 2019 as a “recovery year”. 

“Based on our own assessment, we are following a conservative approach in the light of rainfall uncertainty over the coming two years,” she said. 

“These level 3 recovery restrictions are also a measure to help support the great change we have seen in the relationship that we have with water while, at the same time, providing some financial relief to residents and businesses. 

“This is not only a period of recovery for our dams, but also for our economy as a whole as well as for our residents and businesses who truly made huge sacrifices to help us get Cape Town through the drought. 

“Due to the extreme economic and rural hardship that has been suffered as a result of the drought, the agricultural sector will only reduce water usage by 10% as it, too, enters a period of recovery. The city fully supports this move as the agricultural sector also supported the city as an urban water user during the height of the drought.”

 The city council has published level 3 guidelines, tariffs, an overview and answers to frequently asked questions. 

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