Six quotes from John Steenhuisen’s qualifications clapback

 “I never used my position to line my own pockets”

He said he had a good track record of serving the country “honestly, diligently and with my very best efforts.”

“I have never once used my position to line my own pockets. I have never once abused provincial tender processes to make myself and my family rich. I have never once stolen the savings from the poor and vulnerable to buy fancy houses and swimming pools.”

“Smokescreen to mask the corruption”

Steenhuisen believes the EFF will do anything to divert attention away from itself.

“Whether it is this ridiculous attack on me or the disgustingly personal denigration of minister Gordhan and his family, or the vile abuse the EFF have meted out to journalists who’ve exposed them, it is a smokescreen, a smokescreen to mask the corruption of their party,” Steenhuisen told parliament.

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