Parents describe change in boys’ behaviour after sexual assaults by Collan Rex

Prosecutor Arveena Persad read into the record seven statements from the boys’ parents about the impact Rex’s abuse had had on the boys and their families.

One parent said when his son had approached the school to express concern about bullying, his concerns were dismissed out of hand and he was told what happened to snitches.

He said following the revelation that his son had been one of the boys abused by Rex, he discovered that his son was attracted to pornography.

A psychiatrist had advised the parent that under no circumstances should his son return to the school.

This had meant a huge financial adjustment for the family, which had been paying less than R10,000 a year for his school fees at Parktown Boys.

The parent estimated that inclusive of school fees for the new school and therapy fees, the family would spend in excess of R210,000 this year.

The family had sold two cars and adjusted its standard of living to meet their changed circumstances.

Another parent said his son had accused her of not loving him by sending him to “that evil school”.

“He never gave me reasons why he wanted to leave boarding,” she said.

The sentencing proceedings continue.

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