Johannesburg Zoo may get a new elephant

But City Parks and Johannesburg Zoo spokesperson Jenny Moodley said they were assessing Lammie and had not yet decided if she would get a companion.

Moodley said if the zoo decided to acquire a new elephant, they would have to follow the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Woza) code of ethics.

“It clearly states that we will need to acquire an elephant from another zoo or an elephant that was injured or born in captivity, because you can’t take an elephant from the wild and place them in a zoo.”

Johannesburg Zoo would have to go on a waiting list, in accordance with the Woza guidelines. 

“To get on a waiting list can be a few years,” said Moodley.

Trendler said the zoo would only be able to bring in local captive elephants and not from an overseas zoo.

“It means pulling an elephant away from a bonded group. There are very few captive elephants in South Africa.”

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