Hunt for owner of ring found at Sandton City goes viral

“I’ve had a couple contacting me claiming it was theirs, but when I asked them to describe it, it didn’t match the description of the ring I had,”  she said.

Grobler’s post on Facebook has been shared thousands of times.

“There’s a very small detail on the ring which the only person who would know is the actual owner,” said Grobler.

 While the search for the rightful owner continues, Grobler said she was concerned that the person could be an international traveller. 

 “It worries me that it could belong to someone who was just visiting the country, because I know there are a lot of international travelers in the Sandton area,” she said.    

Douglas Mabena, manager at the lost and found department at Nelson Mandela Square, said a European citizen had contacted the mall to report a lost ring. 

“The European caller said she had lost her ring on the 15th while the other lady [Grobler] found the ring on the 24th so we are not sure if she is the rightful owner,” he said.

Mabena said the caller would be put in contact with Grobler to possibly identify the ring. 

Grobler recalled how someone had commented on her post, saying she should sell them the ring if the owner was not eventually found. 

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