MPs tell SABC board it needs to audit jobs and skills before retrenching

“We’re saying the portfolio committee on communications is not for retrenchments, that is our position. So we’re saying go back and attend the issues that we’ve raised so that in the long run this issue must be put aside.

“We’re there to assist you in terms of bringing all the relevant partners to assist… to bring the National Treasury and see how best we can assist you. But the bottom line is that we’re not in support of retrenchments,” said ANC MP Moses Tseli.

Another ANC MP, former state security minister Bongani Bongo, said the SABC board needed to introduce a moratorium on hiring at senior and executive level until the Section 189 matter was resolved.

“If you’re going to retrench, give us how much are you going to spend because retrenchment is also expensive. You must pay out people, where’s that money going to come from? Because if you retrench people you must pay severance,” said Bongo.

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