Huisgenoot journalist suspended for ‘affair’ with Krugersdorp killer

“Pending the outcome of our internal investigation no further comment will be forthcoming,” Beyers said in a statement posted on Netwerk24.

Rapport newspaper on Sunday said the journalist was in a romantic relationship with Le Roux Steyn, 22, who has been sentenced to 25 years in jail and who turned state witness in the bizarre trial that has seen mention of satanism and the occult.

One of the accused killers is Cecilia Steyn. Witnesses have testified that she claimed to be the bride of Satan, that she could walk on water and hold her breath underwater for an hour. She allegedly claimed she could also transform herself into a wolf and was able to leave her body and enter the body of another person and make them kill people.

Cecilia, Marcel Steyn and former insurance broker Zak Valentine stand accused of being involved in the murder of 11 people between 2012 and  2016. The trio have pleaded not guilty.

Le Roux Steyn’s mother, Marinda Steyn, 51, a former high school teacher, has already been sentenced to 11 life terms for the 11 murders.

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