Mysterious collapses: ‘We will give you chaplains to pray with you – Minister to NUSEC

General News of Saturday, 24 November 2018



play videoElisabeth Afoley Quaye, Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture

In light of recent inexplicable circumstances leading to the collapse of several students of the Nungua Secondary School, Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Elisabeth Afoley Quaye has sent heartfelt and soothing words to the aggrieved scholars.

According to the minister, plans are far advanced to get the student body a resident chaplain to be praying with them since the circumstances surrounding the collapse of students is believed to be more spiritual than physical.

“It is important that we have a chaplain and a team that is praying with the students” she said

She added that, she and the headmistress will work closely together to ensure that wherever the spirits may be coming from, they will not affect the lives of the female students.

“We have to make sure that, wherever the spirits maybe coming from, they will not affect our wards “she said According to the minister, the school’s board of directors and the education director in the municipality will work assiduously to solve the problem.

Elizabeth Afoley Quaye was speaking at the school’s 35th speech and prize giving day themed “Free SHS, the role of stakeholders to achieve quality education” in Accra on Saturday.


Academic activities at the Nungua Senior High School in Accra on July 3rd 2018 were brought to a halt when about 20 students suddenly collapsed at the school.

The incident which occurred in the morning left the other students and school management in shock as the cause of the students’ unconsciousness could not be ascertained.

Sketchy details from some of the students indicated that the affected students were complaining of seeing ghosts and their former classmates who had passed away before losing consciousness.

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